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Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Joe -- PART ONE "Silent Alarms" E-BOOK

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Jessie McKay's life is about to change in ways she never imagined thanks to four men and a week of unexpected happenings. In this first part of a nine week series you should buckle up and prepare to join her on quite a ride.

Eenine, Meenie, Miney, Joe. Start your predictions now because by the end of this journey with Jessie:

-One man will try to kill her.

-One man will die.

-One will break her heart.

-And one she will say yes to!

Will she get it right? As the reader, will you?

This pre-publication journey is a 9 week reveal of what happens to Jessie McKay! New chapters every Sunday evening at 8 PM (EST)

Part One: "Silent Alarms" is ready now!

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