Special Sneak Peek Preview!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

My new weekly series (9 weeks with new chapters every week and lots of behind-the-scenes exclusive material) is here! Join us on this reading adventure by subscribing here!

Dear readers, family, and friends... I know I’ve promised you for a few years now that more adult work was coming. If you only knew the journey... If you only knew my tunnel vision despite it. This project is an adult series that is so dear to my heart. I know my focus and success has been youth novels and youth development for a while now, but I am very much a grown woman (smile) and no I didn’t forget where it all started. Blame It on Eve and In the Paint. It’s past due time to give my adult readers some new material. Thank you for promising me you’d read it when I was ready again. I wrote everything you’re about to experience (except the ending — which I just decided recently) over two years ago. My sister, my brother from another, especially, both helped me name this one, and have been my cheerleaders of support and on me to release it. EENIE, MEENIE, MINEY, JOE is an innovative reading series with a fresh approach to storytelling. It is a project that I hope you'll love. Join me on February 20th for a sneak peek. In the meantime, check out the trailer and cover design below. It’s suspense and it’s love—two of my favorite things in the world. And yes, it is 100 % fiction!

I’m sorry for taking so long. Thank you for the messages. Thank you for the patience and encouragement. Thank you for lifting me up. You helped get me back here. You just don’t know. This will be the year I make it up to all of you, my readers, I promise. So much work is on deck to be released. You’ll see. The vault is real. After you check out the book trailer and cover design, let me know what you think. And tune in to me next week—I’m dropping a sneak peek on February 20, 2020! *Shout out to my sister, who helped me pick that date because I’m so focused (and she’s making sure I am) on all things being clear again... Cheers to 2020 VISIONS for all of us!  *No more back burners on what you are born and blessed to do! Do it!

Love you all. xo,


P.S. Here's the new book trailer. I hope you love it.